Four Paw Spa Grooming

Grooming at Red Hill Animal Health Center

Currently we are offering grooming on a limited basis.  Please call to check availability.  WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING NEW CAT CLIENTS FOR GROOMING AT THIS TIME.

Vaccines requirements for  dogs include a current rabies, distemper and kennel cough (bordetella) vaccine that has been given within the past 6 mos.  The only bordetella vaccine that will be accepted as a 1 year would be the intranasal bordetella with parainfluenza.

Vaccine requirements for cats are a current rabies and feline distemper vaccination.

                         *Each grooming experience is unique  from breed specific haircuts to summer shaves, trims, kitty lion cuts and more!  Please feel free to call us for a customized                                     estimate at 970-704-0403.  

                          *Our stainless steel tub features a pet ramp for easy walk-in access. It is designed specifically for animals, accommodating “fuzzy friends” from 4 to 200 pounds.  

                          *You may view the finish room of the grooming parlor from our reception area. Watching a  professional groomer at work is highly entertaining!!


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