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Enviromentally Friendly Facility

Honoring the environment is a top priority at Red Hill Animal Health Center, and we take pride in being able to say that ours is a “green building.” Environmentally friendly materials such as cork, recycled rubber, and linoleum were used in constructing the facility.  We recently accepted the “Garfield Clean Energy Challenge”, and worked with CLEER (Clean Energy Economy) to replace 53 fluorescent light fixtures with new, highly efficient ones, substantially reducing our carbon footprint.

Our design team included architects, contractors, acoustical engineers, hospital management consultants, an OSHA consultant, a garden designer, and even a nuclear physicist.  Mindful of the building’s purpose, they helped us incorporate health-enhancing details like the correct number of air exchanges per hour, flooring that actually inhibits the growth of bacteria, an isolation ward, and a positive pressure surgery suite.

The reception area of most veterinary hospitals can be a hectic place, frustrating for clients, and stressful for staff, but at Red Hill Animal Health Center a team member will greet you and guide you through your visit. No more waiting while phones are answered and other patients are checked out. You will receive individual attention, and your time will be spent more efficiently. Enjoy a cup of organic coffee or tea, observe our groomer at work, or view kennel attendants playing with our canine guests in the Canine Courtyard of The Little Tail.

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