UPDATE 03/24/2020


To our valued clients –

We understand the fear and insecurity that you are all feeling during this difficult time.  We share in your concern as we all unfortunately face this pandemic together.  Your Red Hill Animal Health Center team wants to let you know that since we are currently classified as an “essential” business we will continue to operate under the CDC and State and local guidelines for our profession while continuing to offer veterinary care for your fur family members. Our veterinary team is taking all the necessary precautions so we can continue to remain open during this time.

The Colorado Veterinary Medical Association has reached out to the veterinary community to encourage us to continue to perform wellness exams and vaccinate our dog and cat population.  This is not only for their safety but also for the protection of our human population as well.  All social distancing requirements shall be exercised for these appointments and pets will be checked in curbside. A physical examination will be performed by the doctor addressing the chief complaint or concern  for the pet patient and then a teleconsultation  will be conducted to discuss the exam finding and possible diagnostic and treatment options.  PLEASE DO NOT COME TO A CURBSIDE APPOINTMENT OR DROP-OFF IF YOU ARE NOT FEELING WELL OR THINK YOU MAY HAVE BEEN EXPOSED TO SOMEONE WITH COVID-19. PLEASE HELP US PROTECT OUR DOCTORS AND STAFF.

Currently our daycare and boarding facility is open and running.  We are following the State of Colorado Public Health Order 20-24 and reducing our non-essential work staff by 50%.  We still have plenty of space and staff available for daycare and boarding.  We understand that some of you are not working and others are working very long hours during this Covid-19 crisis.  Red Hill would like to offer a Daycare Special during this time of 50% off for full day and 25% off for 1/2 day rates now through April 27th, 2020. Please call us to schedule your dogs daycare visit and for more information on how to drop your pet off for daycare or boarding.

The Red Hill team is beyond grateful that we are able to keep our doors open (in a matter of speaking) to be able to continue to do what we are passionate about. In this world today and during this very challenging time we realize, even more than ever, that our pets give us comfort, support and companionship in this time of insecurity and uncertainty.  Be well and be safe.

Kindly – The entire Red Hill Animal Health Center Team


We know that you are concerned for the health and safety of your family members during this time of the Covid 19 pandemic as are we.  Due to the unprecedented nature of this situation we feel that it the best interest of our employees, clients and of course their four-legged family members  that  we evaluate and modify the way we conduct our daily business  for the next several weeks.  This is a very fluid and ever changing situation. We will make adjustments as needed to make sure we are providing your pets the care they need and deserve. Your safety and the safety of our doctors and staff in mind is our number one priority.

Until further notice our veterinary staff will only see sick pet or urgent care, non-elective appointments. All wellness care and vaccine appointments will be rescheduled unless there are dire circumstances that require these pets to be examined such as emergency travel and pet health risks, etc.  This will be decided on a case by case basis.

In an effort to minimize face to face contact and respect the social distancing requirement of at least 6 feet, we may ask that you drop your pet off for examination and speak to the doctor or hospital staff over the phone for further instructions or to discuss treatment options for your pet.

All daycare and boarding check-ins will be done at the side kennel door.  Please remain in your car and call our front desk staff at 970-704-0403 for further instructions.  A  kennel staff member will assist you at the side entrance with your pets check-in/out.

Red Hill will still continue to have grooming appointments at this time.  If your pet has a grooming appointment please call us from your car when you arrive and you will be given further instructions.  This also applies to pet pick-ups.

For clients that are picking up foods or medications,  we respectfully ask that you pay over the phone when you arrive and your food or medication will be placed outside for your pick-up convenience.

We sincerely ask that all of our clients respect the CDC (Center for Disease Controls) recommendations and be aware of signs and symptoms:

  • Stay home when you are sick
  • Call your health care provider’s office in advance of a visit
  • Limit movement in the community
  • Limit visitors

Also from the CDC in regards to your pets...

Animals: You should restrict contact with pets and other animals while you are sick with COVID-19, just like you would around other people. Although there have not been reports of pets or other animals becoming sick with COVID-19, it is still recommended that people sick with COVID-19 limit contact with animals until more information is known about the virus. When possible, have another member of your household care for your animals while you are sick. If you are sick with COVID-19, avoid contact with your pet, including petting, snuggling, being kissed or licked, and sharing food. If you must care for your pet or be around animals while you are sick, wash your hands before and after you interact with pets and wear a facemask. See COVID-19 and Animals for more information.  

While this virus seems to have emerged from an animal source, it is now spreading from person-to-person in China. There is no reason to think that any animals including pets in the United States might be a source of infection with this new coronavirus. To date, CDC has not received any reports of pets or other animals becoming sick with COVID-19. At this time, there is no evidence that companion animals including pets can spread COVID-19. However, since animals can spread other diseases to people, it’s always a good idea to wash your hands after being around animals. For more information on the many benefits of pet ownership, as well as staying safe and healthy around animals including pets, livestock, and wildlife, visit CDC’s Healthy Pets, Healthy People website.  

Please feel free to reach out to us by phone at 970-704-0403 or email at [email protected]  We will be here to help you navigate this ever-changing situation. Red Hill will continue  to do our part to protect our valuable community. Be kind and be patient with one another and remember the only way out of this is to go through it  together (and 6 feet apart).

 Respectfully – Red Hill Animal Health Center Doctors and Staff

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